Sex Toy Parties & Distribution

Make Moeny Throwing a Sex Toy Party

Start making money throwing your own sex toy parties! The home party industry is a very fun and lucrative business. We carry a variety of popular party products ranging from brand name vibrators to hilarious party favors, all at amazingly competitive wholesale prices. Whether you are throwing a “girls night in” or a fetish party theme, we have everything you need to supply a vast product selection, affordable items, and most importantly…a good time!

Just a Few Easy Steps for a Great Party!…

  • Review our selection of sex toy party product suggestions.
  • Purchase one of each item you want to offer for demonstration purposes and extra inventory to sell at your party.
  • Have fun displaying and discussing the sample products.
  • Sell the products you’ve stocked in person and take orders for any that you don’t have on hand.
  • Have us drop ship orders directly to your customers, so you don’t even have to deliver them!
  • Getting Started

    The first step is to register on our website, registration is absolutely Free and takes only a few moments. Keep in mind, we have no minimum purchase requirement and no drop ship fees. You can special order just one item to be shipped direct to your client, or stock up for all of your upcoming events, whatever fits best within your budget and profitability range.

    Begin Shopping!

    Home party representatives offer a variety of products depending on the type of crowd they are showcasing the items to. To get the party started, check out the Games and Novelties and Bachelorette section which contain a variety items such as the Jumbo Pecker Cake Pan, Dicky Sippy Straws, and the game “Pin the Macho on the Man.”

    The most popular item selections tend to vary, but the latest trends can be found in theTrinity Vibes category, Hot Sellers, Vibrating Sex Toys, Herbals, and Earthly Body. Within some of these categories you can find high end vibrators, couples toys, edible massage candles, lingerie, and so much more! Click below to view some of our best sellers for sex toy home parties!

    With you have the advantage of drop shipping items direct to your clients. This will help you build a strong home party business with little overhead, since you’re free to offer more products for demonstration purposes without deciding how many you want to stock. This means you can offer more products without the risk of unsold inventory.

    Plan your party in a way that suites your style so that you can create an environment for your attendees to be comfortable and entertained. Remember, home parties are not limited to girls only, co-ed and couples parties have become very popular too! Instead of a catalog, some representatives choose to charge a door fee and provide everyone with a gift, game prizes, or the option to select items of their choice.

    Feel free to use the product images and descriptions on our website to create your own unique print catalog. If you already have, or are in the process of setting up a website for your business, we suggest utilizing our free XML feed, which populates your site with our entire inventory line.